Thursday, May 9, 2013

Doing The Dishes - A Musical

Years ago my kids and I were in the kitchen talking. I was trying to get my son to help me unload the dishwasher but like most 16 year old boys, he was not budging. Instead he sat at the counter taunting me with a rhythmic ditty he was making up on the spot. In a moment of inspired motherhood, instead of getting mad, I started to sing along. My musical boy joined in and within minutes we were composing a rousing anthem and dancing around the kitchen.

At some point I looked over to see my youngest daughter.  She was laughing and holding what I thought was a still camera and appeared to be taking pictures as we danced around and acted like hoodlums. We did not realize that her camera also had video. Indeed, she captured almost all of our antics that night
Later she would post them to YouTube without our knowledge. And though everyone who found the video thought it was hilarious, both my son and I would be embarrassed for years.  We did everything we could to keep it from getting around. Despite our best efforts it made the rounds to friends and colleagues and even high school teachers. Oh how we wished we could take it back.

Years have passed now and I can’t help but notice how things change. Kids grow-up and moms get old. Before long the house is empty and there aren’t many dishes that need to be done.

Now instead of hounding my children to be independent and responsible, I’ve learned they are. Each of them is grown and living their own life. The paths they have chosen are as diverse as their personalities, but all of them are finding their own way, paying their own bills....doing their own dishes. 

I miss them.

Sometimes more than anything else I wish I could hear their voices again, see all three of their faces in the same room; revel in the sound of their laughter. 

Of course, I am excited for their chance to make their own lives and to become the adults I raised them to be…still, it does not mean that occasionally I don’t long to turn back the hands of time and have them all home again.

When I feel this way, I often go to YouTube to find the video that made us squirm so long ago.

Age is a wise old teacher. 

Instead of being embarrassed, I’m proud of that night in the kitchen. Given the opportunity, I would likely show the world. Oh, there is still a wish my hair was combed and I looked a little more fashionable. But this wish is quickly replaced by what I know…

I know real life isn’t picture perfect; the best moments are never planned. I know it did not matter what we were wearing, if we were pretty or cool, or even talented. I know on that night we LOVED being together... And NOW I know I am so glad my daughter captured us enjoying an instance of pure and nutty joy!

So I play our video. I grimace for just a second, but then the memories come flooding back and I laugh.

Doing the Dishes Video Link (But only because I know you won't hold it against me!)