Monday, March 25, 2013

Time to Enjoy the Ride

As we flew into Salt Lake City tonight we hit a bit of turbulence. The plane dropped steeply and then pitched back up. Moments later it did it again. I looked at the people around me. One lady looked green and was already holding the brown paper barf bag in her hand. The man across from me was clenching both arm rests tightly. His knuckles were so white they looked like marble.

Most everyone else was bored; frequent flyers not easily shaken by a little turbulence. The plane pitched forward again.

This time I heard squeals coming from the seat behind me. I turned to see two little boys. I would guess they were five or six. One had his chubby little arms in the air, as if on the ride of his life. He was wearing a mischievous smile. The other boy was holding his stomach with a look of excitement and awe. He turned to his mom, “my stummy is dropping!” He squealed again then giggled. His counterpart let out a long and low, “Whoooooa! I didn’t know it would turn into a roller coaster. Did you mom? Did you?”

I couldn’t help but smile as the plane rocked forward one more time and shrieks and giggles erupted again.

A few minutes later the plane bounced on to the runway.
As I gathered my bags, I heard the boys express disappointment that the ride was over.
“Now what?” sadly questioned the youngest one.

There was a momentary pause...“Skiing!" Yelled the taller and I turned to see two toothless smiles as happy screams filled the tin cabin again.

Walking off the plane, I couldn’t help but wonder what happens as we age?
When do we go from enjoying the ride of our lives to just waiting for the moment we can get off the plane?
Why do we get stuck at "now what?" when another adventure would be so easy to find?

I’m taking a cue from these kids. Next time, I'll choose not to be annoyed at a few bumps in my road. Instead, I'll throw my chubby arms in the air and put a grin on my face. Who knows? I might even try a giggle as my "stummy" is dropping!