Monday, April 22, 2013

Monkeying Around

Today someone asked me how I spent my weekend.
“You can tell a lot about a person by how they answer this question” he said, and looked at me inquisitively.

I did not have the guts to tell him that my husband had rented a gorilla suit, and donned it for the better part of Sunday afternoon, while I followed him around with a camera. I did not tell him. Yet, that is exactly what I did. If this says anything about who I am. Well, quite frankly, I’m a little scared.

A few months ago, as we sat in the movie theater, one of us had a bright idea. “Wouldn’t it be funny if we were sitting here in Gorilla suits?” I’m not sure who said it. I will admit we both laughed.  But, John couldn’t let it go. So last week after lots of gorilla talk he sent this email to my Minnesota hotel room:

Gorilla Suit….just ordered it. It will be here on Thursday. I have it all weekend. I am going to the mall, Costco, Home Depot, grocery store, etc. Grab your camera ‘cus this is gonna be fun!!!!! J

All action…and minimal good sense….now that is my kind of guy!

One gorilla suit later, I have learned a few things. First, he was right. It was fun!

… and in some ways strangely disappointing. This weekend I realized the world is largely immune to rubberized, fake fur, Gorillas in public places. It was odd to see how many people, including little kids had no reaction at all. I think this says something about the world….and, I’m not sure I like it.

Still, there were lots of laughs and even more stares. I was especially amused by the people who earnestly tried to figure out why a guy was walking around in a Gorilla suit on a perfectly good Sunday afternoon? Bewildered, they asked each other questions like:

“Why do you think he is wearing that?”
“Do you think he’s part of a social project?”

I wanted to say, “Lighten up…This really isn’t a problem solving moment people. Just enjoy the show.”

By the end of the day, 
  • John the Gorilla made a few kids cry. (Something he is not proud of)
  • He made a group of teenage girls run screaming. (Something he is VERY proud of)
  • He made the Blockbuster checker laugh as he tried to buy a copy of Planet of the Apes.
  • He joined a random family photo…
  • …and he created a pretty funny moment in Harmons when he walked in and purchased bananas.

Given another choice, I’m not sure I could have come up with anything better.
So what did I do this weekend?

 I guess you could say I monkeyed around with my best friend.